The Republic was not prepared when an Unknown race invaded the galaxy. With only a small peace keeping fleet, the Republic was forced to form treaties to combine their fleet with the fleets of the Mandalorians and Chiss. The bureaucracy of the Senate slowed down the war effort forcing the Senate to take drastic measures. The Senate voted unanimously to grant temporary powers to the Admiralty allowing the Admirals to fight the war how they pleased. Further temporary powers were granted to allow the Admiralty easier access to resources for the war effort and to allow them executive control to place systems under the direct control of the Admirals. Without the Senate to stand in the way of progress the Admirals were able to turn the war in the newly formed Empires favor and drove the invaders out of the galaxy.

With the invaders gone the calls for the Admirals to relinquish control grew. The Admirals refused and began a campaign to subjugate dissident systems. The Empires fleets turned on the very systems they protected causing the Mandalorians and the Chiss to turn on the Empires fleets. The Chiss defended systems while the Mandalorians pushed their fleets towards the Empires home world of Coruscant. All three fleets had taken heavy losses in the fight against the invaders leading to a quick truce that greatly reduced the size of the Empire. Many of the dissident systems banded together to form The Free Alliance to regulate trade and disputes between member systems.

Five years have passed since the treaties were signed at the end of the Galactic Civil War, and the fleets are rebuilding. Many wonder if the peace will truly last or even if the invaders will return.

The Unknown Journey

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